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Diva Davanna's Annual Back 2 School Charity Give-a-way events!

Davanna is a "Community activist"

Davanna began to realize the direct impact she had on lives in and out of her community. She became very excited with knowing she had the ability to make a difference and impact youth. Therefore, she seized every public opportunity to mobilize people and create alliances and realized it was time to “pay it forward".


Therefore in 2011 Davanna volunteered at a back to school giveaway event in her community and there she realized the importance of being prepared for school and how important that event meant to the children. Davanna took her visions & passion and came up with a way to give back and wanted to form her own event so with the help of sponsors and organizers like Ms Kelly Harrison whom is leader in community as well, has been able to contribute over 10,000 book bags filled with school supplies in and around communities. 


Davanna wants to continue spreading the word on the importance of being prepared for school, in hope of being able to help other communities with bringing her back to school giveaway to a city near you.

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Back 2 School Giveaway 2012

Back 2 School Giveaway 2013

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