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 "The Importance of Being Prepared for School."

Not only is Davanna making a HUGE impact giving back in her local community by holding her yearly Back to School Giveaway she started in 2012, but she took notice of the huge turn outs and realized the amount of families who benefited from the much needed school supplies given out. In 2013 Davanna had a great opportunity to not only continue to spread the word about her event but write a book on the "The Importance of Being Prepared for School". 


Davanna writes: "Its a fact that a high percentage of students may focus on schools appearance with fashion and having the latest trends and sometimes less on having the right essentials and school supplies needed throughout the school year". So one student in a small town decided she wanted to make a difference in her community by giving back all while in hopes to educate parents and students on the importance of having the right supplies throughout the school year.


(Get your copy Today! Two ways to order!)







All proceeds to help benefit the 2014 back to school event and beyond. Thank you in advance for your donation. 


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